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About Capital Solutions

Partnering in Your Success...

If you own or manage a business, you probably want to plan for the future, take control of your finances, or simply fix nagging problems that stifle success. But with so many other pressing concerns, who has the time?

We do.

 At Capital Solutions we understand the unique challenges that small business owners face. We help you develop business specific solutions and implement changes effectively.   We don't believe in simply writing reports and making recommendations - we roll up our sleeves, help you make the change happen and hold the gains! 

About Mark Chastain...

Mark Chastain works with businesses to help them bridge the gap between mouth and movement.  With over 17 years of proven experience, Mark helps business owners and managers better understand the financial dynamics within their business, overcome challenges and implement changes effectively.  He has the expertise to grasp complex business issues - and the experience to know which ones really matter. 

Mark has a degree in Finance and has done extensive study in management and entrepreneurship.  Since 1994, he has used his talent to provide insight and analysis that help organizations achieve real and lasting change.




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